Press release November 9th, 2011

Lifestyle iPhone app cheers up people all around the world

The free iPhone app “Charmer” sends innumerable charming compliments to German smartphones every day. English-speaking iPhone owners can now also receive these little verbal encouragements. The Charmer App brings a flattered smile to faces worldwide, as it now delivers the encouraging messages at the desired time of day in English as well.

Dortmund, Germany, November 9, 2011 - To feel good and to believe in oneself is important to be happy. One can contribute to this oneself to a certain degree by indulging in hobbies and passions to boost one's mood and well-being.
But appreciation and appraisal by others help to feel good as well. Who does not like to hear that he or she is good at something, has a fine character trait or looks especially good today? To be told such nice words cheers up instantly. Compliments - friendly comments about accomplishments, character or looks - are an essential feelgood factor in people's lives.

Nowadays, apps for the Apple iPhone offer innumerable services. They advice, inform, entertain. A new app now offers a very special service: It raises a smile. The Charmer App lifts people's spirits every day by sending a fine compliment. That brings a couple of feelgood moments into the daily grind. The charmer can be downloaded from the App Store for free and has already sent over 100,000 compliments since its recent publication. The database of charming phrases is growing continuously to keep on charming with new compliments.

Thanks to the now published newest version of the Charmer App, it makes no difference where in the world the compliments’ recipient is and whether he or she prefers German or English flatteries: The Charmer easily recognizes the iPhone’s language settings as well as the time zone it is in. This enables it to send smile-raising compliments in German or English at the chosen time of date to faces all over the world.
The free Charmer version offers a different compliment every day to be picked up in the app itself, while the flattering words are automatically sent to the iPhone via push message by the $0.99 premium version.

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Andreas Neuhaus holds a degree in computer science and works as an independent software developer in Dortmund, Germany. He has specialized in the development of web applications using Ruby on Rails in 2005. Shortly after the launch of the iPhone 3G and the opening of the App Store in 2008, he extended his repertoire by the development of iPhone apps, adding the development of iPad apps after the introduction of the iPad a year later. He works freelance since 2007, deploying his knowledge to provide service in consultation, design and implementation of iOS and web applications as well as realizing his own projects.